SOACH 4 kom. / lot Guitar prst Guitarra fingerstall, dedo cuerda de guitarra, material de silicona gitaru neurotransmiteri pribor

  • Težina Pakiranja: 0.02kg (0.04lb.)
  • Tip Bloka: lot (4 kom./lot)
  • Pakiranje Veličina: 10cm x 8cm x 5cm (3.94in x 3.15in x 1.97in)
Dostupnost: Na skladištu

SKU: u1208

kn14.27 kn12.84

4kom, molim vas, recite službi za podršku korisnicima odlučiti koje veličine, M, L, S

Model G389Broj Modela G389Vrsta Gitara prstMaterijal Silikagelbrend СОАЧTip Proizvoda prst gitareBoja 4kom

Tagovi: cuerdas de guitarra, neurotransmitori za gitaru, prst gitare, Cheap cuerdas de guitarra, Kvalitetan neurotransmitori za gitaru, Kina dobavljači gitara prstiju.

Shacal111 2017-10-21

I can not brag enough on this seller!!! I recommend 100%! I purchased over 12 items from this seller. Sometimes on aliexpress the communication with Sellers is poor, at least here in America. I do not know if it is the language barrier or what. But this is not the case with this company. Two item were left out when my package arrived. This has happen with other Seller before on aliexpress and the seller ignored me or never sent the missing items. So I messaged this seller, I assumed since they were so cheap I would never hear anything back but this was not the case, This seller messaged me straight back!!! And apologized and resent the missing items!!! I got them in less then two weeks! I have never seen so happy!!! I would buy again and again from this seller!!!! Please do you will not be disappointed!!! And if there is an issue not do open a dispute just simply message the seller. They will take care of it! They are trust worthy!!! I do not get rewards for these reviews.

Katenochek19 2018-01-26


Untouchablez11 2017-12-08

product description does not match. seller intentionally misleading, photo everywhere 4 pieces присылают and only one. to, please fingerstall need one? unfortunately offer customer made in the moment made when order. seller says the moment that has been the fingerstall only one, now online costs 4 pieces. here to buy.

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